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Meet Dr. Nour Al-Abdul Razzaq

Dr. Nour Al-Abdul AlRazzaq, founder of the Middle East Law Firm, is dedicated to the private law sector, making significant contributions in Kuwait. Her expertise and passion have established her as a respected figure, providing exceptional legal services and shaping the legal profession. Dr. Al-Abdul AlRazzaq has proven excellent qualities when it comes to the legal pursuit of her clientele.

Background Information

Qualifications and Background Information:


Head of the Middle East Law Firm and Consultants

Acquired Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Law, Kuwait University

  • Master in Private Law, Ain Shams University

  •  Diploma in Civil Law Ain Shams University

  • Diploma in International Law in Ain Shams University

  • PhD in Civil Law, Ain Shams University


Work Ethic:


  • Member of the Women Committee of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association.

  • Chairman of the Committee of Intellectual Property Rights 

Work Experience: 


  • Legal Researcher at the Ministry of Justice

  • Lawyer at the office of Mohammad Musaed Al-Saleh

  • Legal experience in the field of law at the office of Mashari Mohammad Al-Ghazali 

  • Currently an Assistant Professor at the Kuwait International Law School


Operating Languages, in order of preference:




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